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Under the Light of the Moon: A Story about Armenia


Book: Under the Light of the Moon by Laura Michael

Ages: 7+

Relationship to country: A book about Armenian orphans living in Greece 

Book in a nutshell: A story about Jackie, an American child actor who wants to help Armenian orphans, and Lucine, an Armenian orphan wondering if she will find her family again

This is a very encouraging story for children. It really encourages children to help people and to appreciate what they've got. The reason I say it was encouraging is because the main character, Jackie, is a kid, and he really helps a lot of people. And I learned that he was a real person who really did these things. So this is a good reason for kids to read this book.

Specifically, Jackie wants to help orphans from Armenia who had escaped from Armenia by walking through the desert. Their parents got captured by soldiers in Armenia. I got the impression there was more to the story about what was happening in Armenia, so you might want to have a parent search for you if you aren't allowed to Google by yourself. My mom and I did read about the Armenian genocide, and it is pretty difficult history to read about.

Jackie was a famous child actor in the United States. Some of the ways that he helped were to make a movie and instead of selling tickets, people could come to see the movie by bringing clothes and canned food. 

Jackie also went to Greece where many of the Armenian orphans were staying so that he could meet the children that he was trying to help. He especially wanted to meet Lucine because he had seen her photo. Lucine was an orphan living in Greece, and she had lost hope that she would ever find her family again. I think you'll enjoy reading this book and learning more about this history and hearing about how a kid can help someone across the world.