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The wonderful Na Willa

Book: The Adventures of Na Willa by Reda Gaudiamo, translated by by Ikhda Ayuning, Maharsi Degoul, and Kate Wakeling

Ages: 5+

Relationship to country: This book takes place in Indonesia and was written by an Indonesian author, translated into English

Book in a nutshell: Daily life growing up in Indonesia

My mom was so excited about this book because it takes place in Indonesia. My mom used to live and work in Indonesia, and she really loved it there. I was actually in my mom's belly while she was in Indonesia, so I've sort of been there, too (not really).

This book was one of the whole family's favorites of our entire project. The Adventures of Na Willa is about the daily life of a little girl growing up in Indonesia. She has a swing inside her house. She likes to go to her friends' houses, and go to the market with her mommy. Every time she went to the market, she begged for a baby chick. And every time, her mommy would say, "Next time." She called her mommy Mak. Finally, one day, Mak gave her a chick!

With her friends, she liked to play marbles and play cooking with her friend Ida. One time, she took apart the radio to see if there were little tiny men singing inside of it. Instead of finding little tiny men inside the radio, she got into big trouble with Mak. 

One thing we really liked about the book is that you are inside Na Willa's mind the whole time. You can see everything from her perspective. It's really hard to describe all of the things we liked about this book. It was funny, sometimes a little sad, and very descriptive. My mom, sister, and I read from this book every night all week, and we all looked forward to storytime.