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Stories from Papua New Guinea

Book: Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and Other Children's Stories from Papua New Guinea, edited by Ben Jackson

Ages: we did not really think that this book was appropriate for children, maybe 12+

Relationship to country: This book has a lot of stories and each story is written by an author from Papua New Guinea

Book in a nutshell: Short stories from Papua New Guinea

This book had many short stories from the country Papua New Guinea. Each story is written by different authors from Papua New Guinea, and I liked that we got to read stories by so many different people. We ready several of the stories in the book, and some of them my mom did not think were appropriate for young kids so we skipped them.

One of the stories was pretty funny. It was called "The Green Toe Thingy," and it was about a boy who found a green toe with red nail polish in his garden. He touched the green toe--I would never have touched a green toe that I just found in my garden by the way--and the green toe started laughing. He realized that it was not actually a green toe but something like a green creature with red hair. The boy and the creature realized they are both the same age and both go to school. The green creature reminded the boy to eat his vegetables to be healthy, and then the boy goes to help his mother in her vegetable garden.