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The Night Life of Trees, a truly special poetry book from India

Book: The Night Life of Trees by Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, and Ram Singh Urveti

Ages: 6+

Relationship to country: A book of poetry published by Tata Books in India, with art created by local artists from the Gond tribe in central India

Book in a nutshell: A book of poetry with original art on every page 

The Night Life of Trees is a truly amazing and one of a kind poetry book from India. It is beautiful, gorgeous, and magnificent. Every page has a poem or little story from the Gond tribe in central India. There must be a lot of forest in central India, because every story or poem has something about trees. For example, we learned about the sambar tree that can protect people and animals, and we also learned about the peepul tree. The peepul tree was the home of the creator and was absolutely perfect. It is special because from far away it looks like its own leaf. We drew some pictures of the peepul tree in the art above.

Every page of this book is a black page with silk-screened art of trees and animals. Each book has a unique number on the back so that you can tell the art is original. This book is also special to me because my Nana is a poet and an artist, and she sent this book to me as a gift for this project.

We were so inspired by the art in the book that me, my mom, and my little sister made our own sambar and peepul tree art.