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Playing music in Taiwan

Book: The Chief Cellist by Wenhua Wang, translated by Yu Yan Chen

Ages: 5+

Relationship to country: This book was written by an author from Taiwan and translated into English

Book in a nutshell: An arrogant musician learned to be kind 

This book is about Mr Zibra, a brilliant cello player. He plays in the Caramel Pudding Symphony Orchestra, and people go crazy to listen to him play. He becomes very famous for his beautiful music, and he becomes arrogant. He will only give three autographs, and he will only give one encore. One night it was raining, and his fancy car did not come for him. After waiting a long time in the rain, he gave his coat to a woman who looked cold.

He ended up wandering around town in the rain and eventually down a country road. He found a dog who led him to her puppies, and he gave the puppies his cello case to keep warm. He kept wandering and heard music. He discovered children playing music in a field. They were not very good at playing, but they played very happily. Mr Zibra discovered the joy of playing music with the children. The story has a very nice ending.

We enjoyed reading this book with my whole family, and it has a really nice lesson. Even if you are very good at something you should still remember to be kind to people. Being kind made Mr Zibra happy, too.