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Exploring the forest in Australia

Book: Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker

Ages: 4+

Relationship to country: This book takes place in Queensland, Australia

Book in a nutshell: This book follows a boy visiting the rainforest and his imagination unfolds

This book is about a boy spending the day with his father. They go in their boat to go fishing and visit the rainforest. The leafy trees stand as a background for the forest animals, like birds and monkeys and maybe even spiders. What makes this book special is the illustrations of the rainforest. The author used cut outs of fabric, leaves, and twigs to make a collage for every illustration and it almost looks like a pop up book because the pictures look like they are popping off the page.

When the boy walked into the forest, he imagined how old the forest must be. He pictured dinosaurs and crocodiles who used to live there. The textures on the pictures make it look like you could dive right into the book and make the forest look so real. The ending is a little sad because then the boy wonders what might happen to forest in the future and whether he will be able to return. It might become a hotel, a pool, a house, a building. I wish we could keep the forest just like it is.