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Stars in Cambodia

Book: A Path of Stars by Anne Sibley O'Brien

Ages: 7+

Relationship to country: Dara and her family live in America, but her grandmother tells stories about living in Cambodia

Book in a nutshell: A grandmother tells her granddaughter stories about living in Cambodia 

Although this book is a picture book, it was very sad for children. The book is about a girl named Dara, and the name Dara means star in Cambodian. Stars were very important in this story. Dara's grandmother told Dara stories about looking up at the stars when she was a little girl in Cambodia. When her grandmother and her grandmother's brother needed to the escape the war in Cambodia, they followed a map of the stars in the sky through the jungle all the way to Thailand. In Thailand, they lived in a camp that was very crowded. Eventually, Dara's grandmother came with Dara's mother to live in the United States.

I enjoyed hearing about the descriptions of what Cambodia is like. Like the sweet-smelling air and eating mangoes. My mommy and daddy went to Cambodia a long time ago, and they showed us pictures of their trip after we read this story. We looked at amazing pictures of carvings and temples and a tree growing right into a temple. We would both like to go one day.