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Tua and Pohn-Pohn (a book for people who love elephants)

Book: Tua and the Elephant by R.P. Harris

Ages: 5+ but does have a few scary parts

Relationship to country: This book takes place in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Book in a nutshell: A girl named Tua saves an elephant

It was very exciting to read a book that takes place in Thailand. The descriptions in the book Tua and the Elephant by R.P. Harris were so clear and colorful that I felt like I could picture what Thailand looked like in my head. I read this book with my little sister, and she wanted to be in the picture with me.

In the beginning of the book, a young girl named Tua is exploring the night market. There were lights, there were different stands full of all kinds of food and items, and she had so many friends and aunties in the night market. Tua knows every corner and every person in the night market. Then she sees a wall with a hole in it and she looks through it. It's like a whole new world. Everything looks different. She goes through the hole just to see what it's like, and everything changes.

Tua gets lost after she goes through the hole. She gets crushed in a crowd and pushed all over. She sees an elephant and two mahouts. Mahouts are the people who take care of elephants, but these mahouts were not nice. They were mean to other people, and they were mean to the elephant. Tua decides to free the elephant and try to hide him somewhere where he could be safe. I don't want to tell you everything that happens, but it's a pretty exciting story. Tua is very courageous, and she has a very big heart. She can talk to the elephant just like a kid would talk to another kid. This was a great book, and I think anyone could enjoy it. My little sister loves loves loves elephants and she says you can read this book 1,000 times.