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Solar light in Nepal

Book: Chandra's Magic Light by Theresa Heine and Judith Gueyfier

Ages: 5+

Relationship to country: This book takes place in a village in the mountains in Nepal

Book in a nutshell: Two sisters try to get solar lantern for their baby brother, who has a cough

This story starts in a marketplace. Two sisters are there in the market buying tea and honey for their baby brother's cough. Actually, I drink tea with honey when I have a cough, too. When they are there, they see a man describing a solar lantern. How a solar lantern works is it charges from the sun, and that goes into the batteries, and then it makes light from the lamp at night.

The sisters are very excited to discover this solar lantern because at home they have a tuki that uses kerosene and makes real fire. The problem with that is it is bad for your chest and lungs, and you can get a cough. Also, if it falls over, it could light a fire in your house.The sisters sell flowers at the market to make enough money to buy a solar lantern for their baby brother. 

This book was a really nice story. I liked how the older sisters were so worried for their baby brother and how they helped him. I was also very interested to learn about how the solar lantern works. At the back of this book, there are instructions on how to make a solar oven out of a pizza box, and I am very excited to try this. I will post a picture of pizza box oven later this week.