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Meet Yasmin and her Pakistani-American family

Book: Meet Yasmin by Saadi Faruqi

Ages: 5+

Relationship to country: While reading about Pakistan, we found this great book about a Pakistani-American family  

Book in a nutshell: A creative girl who thinks of new ways to do things

The book Meet Yasmin is about a girl named Yasmin. She is part of a Pakistani-American family that lives in the United States. It was cool to see that her family lives right here in the United States like I do, and she is also in 2nd grade just like me.

Yasmin is a creative girl with a lot of personality. Sometimes she's an explorer. Sometimes she makes cool art projects, and sometimes she is a fashionista. I was impressed when she made a whole city out of cardboard, tape, and glue, and I liked how she connected her city together with sidewalks and bridges. 

This book was nice because I could read it to my little sister, and she liked it, too.