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Learning about land and water in Bangladesh

Book: Farzana's Journey by Chelsea Peters

Ages: 7+

Relationship to country: You learn about the land and environment in Bangladesh

Book in a nutshell: This book is really about the environment and learning about rice, rivers, flooding, and water in Bangladesh

This book was really different than some of the other stories that I have read. For one, there were talking animals. Another way it was different is that it is really about the country and the science of the environment more than a story about a person's life.

I learned some really interesting things in this book. I read this with my little sister, and she liked it too. One thing I learned is that Bangladesh has many rivers, and the rivers come from the Himalayas where the snow melts and the rivers flow down into the land and flows down in snaky rivers. Those rivers are always changing shapes because over time the water carves new shapes out of the dirt, and the water changes directions. Then a lot of flooding can happen, too. Even though there is water everywhere, it is still hard to get clean drinking water.

Another thing I learned about was how humans are constantly changing the environment. They are cutting down trees to make farmland. I understand that people needed to grow food, but I was sad thinking about all of the animals that used to live in those trees. It made me think about what the land around my house was like a long time ago. I think it was a forest a long time ago, too, and it was also cleared to make farmland and then to make houses. 

Anyone interested in rivers or the environment would enjoy this book. I think the main idea of this book is that humans can change the environment a lot even if they don't mean to, and it really matters.