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Learning about Burma

Book: I See the Sun in Myanmar (Burma) by Dedie King

Ages: 5+

Relationship to country: This book is about one day in the life of a young girl in a village in Burma

Book in a nutshell: Learn about every day life in Burma

Today we read our first book from Southeast Asia, from Burma, which I learned is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia. My mom is very excited about reading more books from Southeast Asia because she used to work there and also she says the food is very delicious and we will try some.

This book is really about every day life in Burma. Aye Aye, a young girl, wakes up early in the morning to see her brother leave to go fishing. With every thing she does, she says part of a prayer to herself. She is Buddhist, and I noticed that all of her prayers were kind and generous and about wishing peace for the world. One thing I thought was interesting was when her brother came home with all of the fish. He spilled the fish out of the basket onto a mat in front of the house and left the fish out to dry. The book didn't even mention about stealing and that maybe someone would steal all of those fish that the family needed to eat and to sell. They just left the fish out in front of their house and trusted everyone. I really liked that.

Anyone who wants to learn about what life might be like in Burma would enjoy this book. The illustrations were interesting because they were cut outs instead of drawings. This book also has the words to the story in Burmese, and I liked looking at how pretty the letters are.