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Kiki's Delivery Service!

Book: Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono, translated by Emily Balistrieri

Ages: 7+

Relationship to country: This is a well known children's book from Japan, recently translated into English

Book in a nutshell: A witch moves to a new town and starts a delivery service with her magical cat

I took a break from writing book posts during the school break, but I did not take a break from reading! I have been reading the fantastic Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono with my mom and sister over the holidays. This book was so much fun, and we all really enjoyed it.

Kiki lives in a small town in Japan with her mom and dad, and she is a witch! In this story, when a witch turns 13 years old, they have to leave their parents and go out on their own to try to make a living as a witch in a new town. Kiki's mom is also a witch, and she makes sneeze medicine for the village and she can also fly. Kiki's special power is flying. She has a magical cat named Jiji. We thought this was pretty cool, because my sister's nickname is also Gigi.

Kiki is scared, but she is also brave. She leaves her mom and dad, and she is not allowed to come home for a whole year. She flies all the way to the sea and lands in a big town next to the sea. She decides to start a flying delivery service called Kiki's Delivery Service to make her living. She will deliver anything to anywhere! The book is filled with all of the interesting people that she meets while delivering different things around town. 

This book was so much fun to read. It was exciting to see how independent and grown up Kiki became, and her different adventures made us laugh. You should read it, too! We discovered that there is a Japanese cartoon movie about this book, and we are going to try to check it out tomorrow.