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Georgian Folk Tales

Book: Georgian Folk Tales by Marjory Wardrop

Ages: 10+

Relationship to country: This book translates stories and folk tales from Georgia into English

Book in a nutshell: A book of folk tales from Georgia

We read two stories from this book, "Master and Pupil" and "The Three Sisters and Their Stepmother." I am going to write about the story "Master and Pupil." In this story, a master is a teacher, and a pupil is a student. In the beginning of the story, the mom insisted that her son needed to know things because she didn't want him to grow up poor like they were. So, the boy and his father went out to look for a teacher. They were drinking from a stream, and a teacher appeared. What they didn't know is that he was an evil spirit.

The evil spirit says he will teach the boy for one year, and the father can have him back if he can recognize him. After a year, the father goes back, and he does not recognize his boy! But his boy does recognize him, and he warns his father that all of the boys will be turned into birds. The boy tells his father that he will be the bird flying in last place. The evil spirit comes and turns all of the boys into birds, and asks the father to point to his son. He points to the last bird, his son. The evil spirit is very upset about having to return the boy.

On the way home, the boy and his father use magical powers to trick people into giving them money. On the last trick, they get too greedy. One moral of the story would be not to give your son away to an evil spirit. And definitely not for a whole year. And if you do give your son away to an evil spirit, don't be greedy afterward.