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Favorite fairytales from Vietnam

Book: Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories retold by Tran Thi MInh Phuoc

Ages: 6+

Relationship to country: This book has many stories from Vietnam retold for English-speaking children

Book in a nutshell: Enjoy many different fairytales from Vietnam

We read several fairytales from this book. We enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and the fairytales. I will tell you about one of the fairytales in particular. 

In one of the fairytales, there is a little girl and her father is a hunter. There is a monster in a cave outside of her village. Her father goes to battle the monster. After a long battle, her father kills the monster, but the little girl gets buried in the rocks. Her name was Mai. Mai begs for more life to visit her family, but she is only allowed to visit them for nine days every year during the holiday Tet. Tet is the Vietnamese New Years. After all of her family grows old and dies, Mai goes to visit them one last time. She leaves her yellow sweater behind at the gate of her cottage. Right in the place where she left her sweater, a beautiful tree grew. Every year for exactly 9 days, the Mai flower tree blooms full of beautiful yellow blossoms. The picture above is a drawing from the book of the Mai flower tree. It is a real tree that grows in Vietnam, and we looked at pictures of them. It reminds of cherry blossom trees that grow in DC and only bloom for a short time.