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Dragons in Bhutan

Book: In Search of the Thunder Dragon by Sophie & Romio Shrestha

Ages: 4+

Relationship to country: This book is a fairytale from Bhutan

Book in a nutshell: A beautifully illustrated book where two children go on a journey to find the thunder dragon

In this book, a little girl goes to visit her grandfather in Bhutan. Bhutan is a very beautiful country with farms full of friendly yaks, sheep, and goats. The houses have handmade wooden carvings of tigers and rainbows. When Amber is in Bhutan, her grandfather tells stories about the thunder dragons. When the thunder dragons play around in the sky, that's when the thunder and lightning and rain come. Then Amber and her cousin really want to see the thunder dragons. They go up to a tiger's nest and ask for help finding the thunder dragons. And the tiger could actually fly, and they flew through the sky to find the thunder dragons. 

My sister and I really enjoyed this fairy tale, especially the illustrations. It was interesting because a lot of fairy tales are sad-ish, but this fairy tale was just happy. Bhutan looks like a really beautiful place, and I would like to go there.