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Code breaking in Turkey

Book: The Beyoglu Adventure by Sara Sahinkanat and Ayse Inan

Ages: 8+

Relationship to country: This book was written in Turkish and translated into English

Book in a nutshell: Have an exciting adventure while decoding with Sinan

Sinan hears a knock on the door. When he opens the door, he finds a map and a letter. The letter has a coded message in it that Sinan has to figure out. The book comes with a special code key that you can use yourself to solve the code with Sinan!

Sinan goes all around Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, following codes and maps and codes and maps. Every new letter than Sinan finds has a code that you can use your decoder ring to solve. But there are Code Pirates following Sinan, and he has to find the next clue before the Code Pirates can catch up with him. One time he drops a fake letter to trick the Code Pirate and get them off his trail.

This was a very fun book. I liked using the decoder key to follow along with the story. I thought the author and the illustrator did a very good job with this book!