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Bronze and Sunflower become family in China


This book post is hard to write. I read this whole book by myself, but my mom read the last chapter aloud to me, and now we are both crying. I am worried I will have no tears left. 

In this book, a girl named Sunflower loses both of her parents when she is still very young, about my age. Sunflower ends up in a small village where her father had gone to work and where she didn't know anyone. She needed to find a new family in this small village. A boy named Bronze had saved her from the river while her boat was floating away, and Bronze's family took her in as their own daughter.

I was really amazed at how Sunflower's family didn't start out as her family, but they become a family who love each other very much. Bronze is her brother and her best friend. Bronze can't speak, but that doesn't stop them from playing together always, and Sunflower teaches him her lessons from school. The family sacrificed so much to keep Sunflower. They were very poor, and they would go hungry to feed her. They gave her their only mosquito net in the summer. This family treated their children and their grandmother so well. Even when the adults had very little to eat, they always fed the children and the grandmother first. I love in this book how much this family loves each other.

Sunflower also made life better for her new family. Before Sunflower came, few people in the village talked to Bronze because he didn't speak. But he didn't have to be lonely anymore after Sunflower came. They could do everything together.

The ending of this book is very sad. This book was so wonderful, and I will never forget it. I also learned so much about life in a village in China.