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Beautiful book

Book: Tenzin's Deer by Barbara Soros

Ages: 6+

Relationship to county: This story is from Tibet, a part of China near Nepal

Book in a nutshell: A kind-hearted boy heals an injured deer through love and kindness

This book has amazing illustrations. I could read it again and again, and I will. Right after reading it the first time, I immediately had to read again to my little sister. She loved it, too. 

The first thing I loved about this book is how kind the boy in the book is. He found an injured deer, and he asked the deer what to do. The deer said it would come to the boy in his dreams. And the dream came, and the dream had water coming through moutains and it was clearing out this red clay. The boy then took the deer and put him gently in the river while everyone was singing their morning prayers. And I need to tell you what the boy said. He said: "May no harm come to you. May you be free from pain." The way the author says things, and the way the illustrations match it is so beautiful. The illustrations express the words.

But a hole was left in the side of the deer. The boy asked what he should do. Again, the deer said it would come in a dream. I don't want to tell you the whole story, but it's such a nice story. I loved when this boy listened to the deer when she had to go back to the wild, and he didn't protest. He was sad to lose his friend, though. 

I noticed in this book how kind the people are to animals and plants and all things. Before the boy picked a flower, he asked the flower's spirit if he could pick it, and he used the flower well. We will read this book again.