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Azerbaijan: Folklore podcast

Book: "The Trickster Goat", as told on the podcast Folklore of the Universe 

Ages: 8+

Relationship to the country: A folktale from Azerbaijan 

Book in a nutshell: This podcast talked about "trickster" monsters in Turkish and Azerbaijani folklore

We had a hard time finding a children's book from Azerbaijan, but we did find a podcast that tells folktales and fairytales from around the world! We listened to an episode about "trickster" monsters in Turkish and Azerbaijani folklore. The story from Azerbaijan was called "The Trickster Goat." You can find the podcast here if you are interested. We liked this podcast and plan to listen to it again, because they tell you the story then talk about what the story means.

The story starts off with a a goat, a calf, and a sheep. But the humans that used to watch them go away. The people are moving away from the mountains, and now the goat, the calf, and the sheep are all exposed to predators. Their plan to keep safe is to wear the pelt--the fur--of the bear, the fox, and the wolf and go find a hut to live in. But then when they found a hut, there were a real bear, wolf, and fox already inside! They are able to trick their predators by pretending that they ate a wolf, a fox, and a bear and that that was how they got those pelts. The trick works, and the predators run away screaming.

The goat, the calf, and the sheep leave the hut because they are worried the predators will discover their trick. They climb a rock. One of them falls down, and the goat yells down to the predators, "The cow is coming for the bear, and we'll get the wolf and the fox!" The predators got really scared then, and the goat, the sheep, and the calf were able to rejoin their herds where they belonged.