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100 years in one apartment

Book: The Apartment by Alexandra Litvina, translated by Antonina Bouis

Ages: 10+

Relationship to country: This book takes place in Moscow and was translated from Russian

Book in a nutshell: This book tells the story of an apartment through history

Most books tell the story of a person, but this book tells the story of an apartment. In the beginning, it is 1902, and a family is moving into a new apartment. Then, it was just one family who moved in, and the apartment looked big. Each page of the book, you see pictures of the apartment and everyone who is living there. You also see clothes they wear at that time, their fashions, things they eat, things they play with, their furniture, and many other details. Every other page is a new time in history and focuses on a different family member. 

Then, on the other pages, the author told about Russian history. The most interesting history to me was the part about World War 2. I learned about all of the factories in Russia that were making weapons, the doctors that went to help heal soldiers, and the soldiers that went to battle. I got very interested in this and started calculating the number of soliders that came from different countries in World War 2 and thinking about how the United States and Russia and England won World War 2. I'm hoping to read more history books about World War 2. It was interesting in this book to learn from Russia's side. Maybe in my future books I will read about World War 2 from another country's side. 

I liked how this book was framed in history and how much I could learn about history while reading the book. It was an interesting twist to write a book about an apartment instead of about a person. But, I think this book might be best for older kids because some of it was difficult.

Also, very important: today is my 8th birthday!!!