About Me

My name is Juliet and, like many kids around the world, I'm at home doing virtual schooling. I'm in 2nd grade, and I love to read. I have 2 little sisters, a very good dog, and a very naughty kitten at my house. I had an idea to try to read a book from every country in the world, and my mom and I decided to make a website about it because maybe other kids would like to read these books, too. My mom and I are also trying to cook something from the country we are reading about.

My Favorite Books

Reading is my favorite thing to do. I mostly like books with good adventures and good characters. Some books are really special to me:

1) The Harry Potter series: These are my favorite books. Harry Potter is so special to me because the author explained a whole magical world of witches and wizards. Also I love Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. I read them over and over and listen to them on audiobooks.

2) Anne of Green Gables: This book is special to me because it opened the world of chapter books to me. This was the first chapter book I read, and my mom read it out loud to me. I also loved learning about how people lived a long time ago. My mom and I want to visit Prince Edward Island someday and see all of the beautiful flowers, trees, and ocean that Anne describes.

3) A Wrinkle in Time series: There are 3 books in this series, but the first book is the best. I like how brave Meg is going to search for her father and all of the space travel. I also learned to use my imagination instead of needing to see pictures.

4) Heroes of Olympus: This series is special to me because my grandma gave me these books, and it was the first series that I read all by myself. I got really into Greek mythology and then Egyptian and Norse mythology too.

5) The Hobbit is one of my mom and my favorite books. I loved the adventure, and she was so excited reading it to me. I tried to start reading The Lord of the Rings series during quarantine, but I liked The Hobbit the best

6) Percy Jackson series: I just had to put down two Rick Riordan series because they are so good. I have read ALL of Rick Riordan's books

Explaining the project

The project is to read at least one book from every country in the world. I say at least one book because sometimes if I can find a lot of good books from one country, I will read as many as I can. We are mostly looking for books with a relationship with the country we are trying to learn about. Sometimes the author is from that country, sometimes the book takes place in that country. I think it will be really interesting to travel around the world from my living room and kitchen! We can't go anywhere right now because of coronavirus.

If you are wondering how I made this website, I made it with my mom. Usually I write the things I want to say down in my notebook, and my mom types it for me. We edit the posts and design the website together.

Contact me with book ideas

I am on the lookout for good, kid-appropriate books from lots of different countries. It can be hard to find English-language books from every country in the world that is also kid-appropriate. My favorite are chapter books with a good character and a good adventure. If you know of any books you think I might like from a country that is usually hard to find books from, please send me your ideas on Twitter @juliet_kidlit